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Our Vision

I want everyone who suffers from acne vulgaris to know how to treat it.  There are so many so called experts out there who promise a lot but deliver little.  No two cases of acne vulgaris are exactly alike, so no cookie cutter products or treatments will treat all acne.  At Secret Acne Solution we want everyone who suffers from acne vulgaris to be able to be empowered with the knowledge they need to beat this skin condition.  I believe that with the right information, every acne sufferer will be able to look in the mirror once again, and see clear, healthy skin.

My Story

I decided to start Secret Acne Solution not long after I retired from working as an esthetician so I could stay home to raise my daughters.  You see, I have worked long and hard in this industry and I believe I still have a lot to offer.  My story is unique, because I have been extensively trained in all things skin related, but I also suffer from a pretty bad case of acne vulgaris, and so I know exactly what it feels like as well as how to treat it. 

I still remember what it felt like as a child in middle school to look in the mirror and see these pimples all over my face.  I remember going to school that day, being totally distracted by all the other kids in class who had seemingly perfect skin.  I began thinking ... "WHY ME??"  Soon after, every morning I woke up, I saw more and more pimples on my face.  I'll never forget the throbbing pain.  It was awful.

Things Did Not Clear Up in High School

Once, while in high school, I woke up to some new zits on my chin.  These guys were painful, but in a way I'd never experienced before.  I went to class, and by the time I got there, they were at least double in size!  By the time I got to math class, 3rd period, I noticed the pain had subsided, but now I felt a wet sensation on my chin.  The pimple actually popped on it's own!  How embarrassing!!  And to make it even worse, I had a HUGE crush on my math teacher.  I wanted to crawl back into my bed and stay there forever.


As time went on, I grew up with a pretty bad case of acne vulgaris.  I tried everything, quite literally.  From toothpaste to tea tree oil, I tried it all!  I burned my skin putting straight essential oils on but I didn't care!  I wanted my clear skin back!  Finally, one day someone told me that I should go see an esthetician.  "A whaaaa??" I thought.  An esthetician is a professional who deals with all sorts of skin conditions.  At this point I was ready to try anything.  I made my appointment, I almost canceled because I thought it would end up being a waste of my time and money.  I ended up keeping my appointment and, I am happy to say that this woman very kindly cared for me, educated me and yes, actually helped me be able to clear up my skin.  I gained a feeling of control once again, because I learned that this case of acne vulgaris was indeed treatable.  She patiently answered all of my questions about acne and debunked all the myths I had been told over the years.

I Found My Life's Passion

From that moment on, when I finally looked in the mirror and saw my acne vulgaris was healing up, I knew  what my passion in life was.  I quit my full time job in a law office, took out money from my 401(k) and went to school full time in order to get my skin care license.  I was hired by one of the top spas in my area, and I took on as many acne clients as I could.  I wanted them all!  Now I was the one who was able to help others treat their acne vulgaris.  And now I bring my knowledge and passion to you.  I have helped thousands in my work inside of the treatment room, and I want to continue to help.  Clear skin can be achieved.  YOU can BEAT acne vulgaris!

Meet the Founder

Alishia Phillips has been in the skin care industry since 2004.  After attaining her skin care license in California, she dedicated herself to study with Jan Marini Skin Care Research, as well as with Dermalogica, eventually earning herself the title of a Dermalogica Expert.  She went on to study with Dr. Lance Setterfield putting all her training into practice with the clients she saw in her thriving skin care business.  Since having her two daughters, Alishia has decided to take her skin care treatment to greater heights by connecting with "virtual" clients though this blog.  Alishia continues to immerse herself in order to stay abreast of the newest skin care treatments.

Alishia Phillips

Founder & CEO

Treating acne vulgaris for over 15 years

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